Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Breaking The Rules: Salzburg #3

A bouquet of spices is a popular souvenir from Salzburg. The bouquet dates back to the time when only a few rooms could be heated, and people and their farm animals would often cohabitate on the coldest days - this spicy room freshener was a good remedy.


  1. You are giving me a great idea for gifts to bring home for my family when I visit Salzburg this summer!

  2. I watch police border every night and if you do bring them across the border. You do have to pay duty I believe.

    They are so stricked what comes across borders especially the smelling things. They have the police dogs sniffing and if they sit down after smelling. Indicates it needs to be checked. Then one is taken aside and they sometimes even throw the item away if it does not fall into there rules. . This is a nice idea and is pretty in Basket.