Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Schanigarten Time Again

As I told you recently, gastronomers had to wait until March 1st to open the outdoor areas of their cafés/restaurants. Luckily this past weekend the weather was nice enough to enjoy some first drink or meal in the newly opened "Schanigarten" as we call the outdoor areas in Austrian German. There are several speculations concerning the origin of this term: One says that "Schani" derives from the common name "Hans" or French "Jean" for an apprentice boy or waiter, who was told to "Put up the garden!", and he then carried chairs, tables and flower boxes outside.


  1. It's way to early to be eating outside here this year!

  2. It looks busy!

    It'll be late April at the earliest before our terraces and patios are opened for restaurant patrons.

  3. Only for hardy patrons at this stage!