Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New in Town

In this new ice cream store in the city center you can get some peculiar tastes such as beetroot, jasmine, ginger, caramel & salt or rose water. The ice cream is not produced with an usual ice cream machine but by using dry ice.  I don´t know if I´m curageous enough to ever try one of these flavours, but I definitely would like to lounge around in one of these deck chairs.


  1. I would like a beetroot ice-cream. I cannot imagine what it would taste like. I would also get more courage if there were other people hanging about outside licking an ice-cream, too.

  2. I tasted some of the flavours, and they were fantastic!

    I am still not over the fact that the SchokoLaden next door is gone.

    1. I prefer more conservative flavours, but de gustibus non est discutandum ;-)
      It´s a pity that the SchokoLadenWerkstatt doesn´t exist any more. What is there right now? I forgot to have a look yesterday.

    2. Another clothing store .....