Tuesday, July 12, 2016

CityWave #1

Surfing in the very city center? Yes, that's possible! In Schwarzenbergplatz an artificial water wave has been erected. The citywave machine creates a consistent water pressure and a constant 1,4m high wave that can be surfed using regular surfboards. Anyone can learn to surf the waves in this area spanning 1.000 m2. An hour of surfing costs € 39,-, including surfboard and helmet. Admission into the grounds is free – those who don't want to surf can watch the surfers and enjoy the sun deck, with sun lounges, music, and culinary delights in the food area, or can shop for surfing accessories and streetwear.


  1. I can imagine that being a whole lot of fun!

  2. Surfing in the city sounds like fun! I would watch and take photos :)