Friday, August 14, 2015

Looking for Shady Places

Vienna has been suffering from a heatwave for more than a week. Today's temperature forecast: 39°C (102 °F)!! That's the first time in my life that we have temperatures like this... I think everybody is now looking for shady places. A nice and quiet place to stay is the outdoor area of the teahouse of yesterday's ice tea photo, hidden in a courtyard and behind the fence on the right side in this photo.


  1. 39 is way too hot, its not even that hot in India right now...

    I was in Switzerland last week and was surprised by heat there as well. Global warming is getting bigger and bigger :/

  2. I hope that you stay out of the sun, which can be so dangerous. I like heat but this is a bit too much for me.

  3. We've had hot humid days here this summer, which we're used to, but not up to that temperature yet. You could use a good dose of rain to clear things out and cool off.