Friday, April 26, 2013

Wien Mitte The Mall

Yesterday opened the largest shopping center in downtown Vienna, measuring 30.000 m² of retail space - "Wien Mitte The Mall". It´s one part of the Wien Mitte complex which houses also public transportation (Wien Mitte is the most important central transport hub) and office space. I haven´t been inside yet, but some weeks ago I passed by this new building and took this picture. It was somewhat weird to finally see this huge modern building after having passed by its ugly predecessor and then the construction site for years on my way home from my old job.

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  1. Things are happening so fast, I can't keep up with all that's new around here!

    I love the express train between Wien Mitte and the airport. Sixteen minutes from the center of town, that is one of the fastest connections to any airport I know of (well, of course, Washington DC to Reagan National does not count, it's just across the Potomac river).