Thursday, September 29, 2011

Belvedere´s Chamber Garden

In the early 18th century, Prince Eugene of Savoy had the Belvedere’s Chamber Gardens designed as his privy garden. Situated alongside the Orangery’s south front, adjacent to the military commander’s residential wing, the Chamber Gardens, with their magnificent Baroque layout, represent a gem within the Belvedere Gardens, showing the warlord’s love for gardening: the ground level’s variegated design, garden ponds, pergolas, and pavilions met his wish for intimacy and feudal splendour. The gardens have been revitalized in the 1990s.


  1. Nice shot Vreni. I'm beginning to think you must be working for the Vienna Tourist office because you are doing a very good job of promoting Vienna as a tourist destination! Keep up the good work.

  2. No, I´m not working for the Vienna Tourist Office, I´m just showing places/things that I like. Thank you for your compliment!