Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scissors Sculpture

During a recent Sunday afternoon walk I discovered the sculpture "Scissors" by Austrian artist Valie Export in front of the Lower Belvedere. The 3,5m high sculpture shows two interlocking sewing shears and is made of aluminium.


  1. I wonder what is the significance of the scissors?

  2. I have the same question as Bill.
    Perhaps something to celebrate "Fashion" ?
    Or something to do with design we are surrounded with every day without thinking about it?
    Hope you will find out the answer.

    Gunn /Stavanger /Norwegen

  3. Wonderful crisp, clean sculpture... Like Gunn and Bill... inquiring minds want to know. (smile)


  4. Wahrscheinlich werden damit die herrlichen Buchspyramiden geschnitten?(ein Spass von mir)
    Wäre interessant zu wissen wozu diese Skulptur für welche Werbung benützt wird?

  5. How interesting! I like the stark, modern lines against the backdrop of that beautiful building.

  6. I get the point! That's a sharp sculpture!

  7. Leif Hagen, you have given me a laugh. A very pointed observation!

  8. First of all, I´m glad that you seem to like the sculpture! I couldn´t find any definite explanation on the internet. Valie Export is a feminist artist and a lot of her works are about provokation. The title of this sculpture is "Doppelgängerin", in an article I read that by doubling the sewing shears the every day item scissors are transformed into a monster and that it´s all about decomposition and social restraints... I can´t really make head or tail of this explanation. Can you?