Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coat of arms of Austria

The current coat of arms of Austria, albeit without the broken chains, has been in use since 1919 (First Republic). Between 1934 and the German annexion in 1938 Austria used a different coat of arms, which consisted of a double-headed eagle.The establishment of the Second Republic after World War II in 1945 saw the return of the original coat of arms, with broken chains added to symbolise Austria´s liberation.
The symbols and emblems used in the Austrian arms are as follows:
The eagle: Austria´s sovereignty (introduced 1919)
The escutcheon emblem of Austria (late Middle Ages, reintroduced 1915)
The mural crown: The middle class (introduced 1919)
The sickle: Agriculture (introduced 1919)
The hammer: Industry (introduced 1919)
The broken chains: Liberation from National Soictatorship (added 1945)

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