Wednesday, August 31, 2016

China Magic

Tomorrow the light show "China Magic – Festival of Light" will celebrate its European premiere on Vienna’s Danube Island: Up to 20m tall buildings, dragons, famous personalities and artworks in silk and bamboo have been set up and will be illuminated. The festival will also offer an insight into the typical culture of China with dance shows, music and food. Chinese lantern festivals have a history going back over 2.000 years and traditionally bring the New Year’s festival lasting several days to a close. The show on the Danube Island involves 25 km of silk, 20 tonnes of bamboo and steel as well as 18.000 LED lamps. It has taken 30 days to set up the more than 30 artworks. During my bicycle tours I passed by several times and could watch how they were set up. The festival runs through October 9.


  1. A whole lot of work really goes into that! Very bright looking dragon.