Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Countdown has Begun

Last year in May, Austria's contestant Conchita Wurst has won the 59th annual Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Copenhagen, Denmark - a major event as Austria has won the contest only once, in 1966. According to the guidelines, the winning country has to host the contest the next year. So in 2015 the ESC will be broadcast from Vienna. The very first sign of this big event appeared last week in form of an 8m tall countdown clock covered in LEDs, installed at the Vienna City Hall Square. On Sunday the countdown showed 132 days until the grand final. Please click here for Conchita Wurst's winner song, if you are not afraid of a young men dressed like a woman.

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  1. We've heard of Eurovisian across the pond, but I had no idea it goes back that far.