Thursday, April 5, 2018

Otto Wagner Hospital #3

In 1938 the Otto Wagner Hospital was converted into an institution for Nazi eugenics and housed individuals identified by the Nazi as "life unworthy of life". An indefinite number of individuals classified as afflicted by hereditary illnesses were sterilized against their will. In 1940 3.200 of the 4.300 patients were transported to extermination camps. The then "free" pavilions were converted into the Am Spiegelgrund clinic which consisted of a reform school and a sanatorium for children. The sanatorium included a so-called Children's Ward where sick, disabled and otherwise "un-educable" adolescents were abused and subjected to harsh medical experiments. Some died by lethal injection and gas poisoning, others by disease, undernourishment, exposure to the elements and "accidents" relating to their conditions. A total of 789 children lost their lifes... 

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