Friday, October 14, 2016

Upper Belvedere - Ai Weiwei "Lu"

The Upper Belvedere is one of the three locations of the exhibition "Ai Weiwei. translocation - transformation" (on show until November 20). In the staircase of the palace the artist has released three creatures into the air to roam. The delicate sculptures were made by hand in the style of traditional Chinese kites. Thin bamboo bars form the frame and are covered with silk. The figures are a representation of the many mythical creatures from the Shanhaijing ("The Classic of Mountains and Seas"), the oldest recorded collection of Chinese mythology. I fell in love with the dragon "Lu, 2015".


  1. Fascinating, and it seems to fit into its surroundings.

  2. Great piece of art, I like Ai Wewei and his art