Thursday, June 23, 2016

Man in a Boat

The Kunsthistorisches Museum is currently presenting the sculpture "Man in a Boat" by Australian artist Ron Mueck at the Theseustempel. The work was created during a residency at the National Gallery, London, in 2000/2. Mueck's sculptures faithfully reproduce the minute detail of the human body, but in considerably smaller or larger than life size. "Man in a Boat" has a little naked man (about half life-size) sitting at the front of a real (full-sized) rowing boat.  He is middle-aged and paunchy, his arms folded as he peers into the distance, his eyes evading any contact with the viewer. Deprived of oars, he has no way of controlling the course of his battered old boat and faces an uncertain future.   


  1. Some of his work has been displayed here. I find his style disconcerting.

  2. Great image! I saw his magnificent work here in Mexico City, it was impressive and unforgettable. I post this same sculpture in Feb 2013:

  3. Interesting piece of art! The expression on his face is very strange.