Monday, November 28, 2011

The Smile Of The Sphinx *)

After ten days without not even one ray of sunlight, we finally had a somewhat sunny weekend. Yesterday I took a walk in the garden between the Upper and the Lower Belvedere where you can find 12 sphinxes. Here is one of them, with St. Stephen´s Cathedral in the background.
*) "The smile of the Sphinx" is the title of a short story by Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann (1926-1973).


  1. I remember, living through a Viennese winter, just how grey it can be - not surprising that all those psychiatrists became famous dealing with the consequent despondency and depression. Is it the alps nearby that cause it? The endless steel grey skies, I mean?
    Thanks for your daily reminder of your fine city.

  2. I love Sphinxes with dirty boobs! LOL

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