Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big Girls

These two graffiti girls can be found on the outside of 3Raum Theater, opened in 2006 in the former anatomy building of the University of Veterinary Medicine (which houses now the University of Music and Performing Arts). The theater is predominantly a home for young arists and actors groups.


  1. Cool street art, and PERFECT for performing art students.

  2. Oh, ist das eine supertolle Graffiti, das sind wahre Künstler!
    Leider werden sie auch wo immer sie nicht sprayen sollten beanstandet, und das sind ja doch manche für´s Auge schöne bunte Fassaden!
    Wo ja sonst meistens alles grau in grau ist.

  3. What fun! I really like it and it's definitely appropriate for the school.