Wednesday, August 4, 2010


In the 19th district (especially in Grinzing, Sievering and Neustift am Walde), you can find a lot of "Heuriger", wine-taverns, where winegrowers serve the most recent year´s wine. A "Heuriger" has legal limitations different of those from a restaurant: Only its own wine and a limited selection of food can be served. Additionally, it can only be open a certain amount of time a year. Usually a couple of conifer or fir twigs hung above the entrance door indicate that guests are welcome.
In Vienna many restaurants have the appearance of a "Heuriger" but have in fact a normal restaurant licence and are selling wine from outside sources and even beer and coffee, which would be unthinkable at an authentical "Heuriger". You can find a calender of the open "Heuriger" here.


  1. That's a lovely and very interesting concept. We don't have vineyards in the Philippines, so we don't have anything like this either. Must be wonderful if you're a wine aficionado.

    This one is a very pretty tavern!

  2. It's a lovely place! Looks like you can sit outside too.

  3. Next time in Vienna I shall visit a Heuriger. Today I enjoyed a glass of Grüner Veltliner from Langenlois to my meal.

  4. Now this looks like an inviting place!